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    Priorities in the production process and its desjgnation:
    Improve product activity and enhance its functions by control the average particle size and its distribution in specific product with ultra-fine and nano technology in production.
    Constantly improving on the production technology and updating
    in facilities,to improve the ability on continuous and automatic productions.

    We adopt large scale synthesis reactors in production to stabilize the products quality.

    Emphasis both in improving its original production technology and research on high-tech products, we devote ourselves to develop novel and diversified products for customers.

    Developing safety and eco-friendly technical to build beautiful environment in the production and usage process, ensure the working people' s safety and health.

    Chemson Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is willing to cooperate with your esteemed company based on the principle of market-oriented,techonlogy innovation, credit and honesty, double win in comepetition and cooperation'. We would like to work together with you, to make a contribution to fine chemical industry and our living environments.

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    Rm. 504, No.1398, PingLiang Rd.,Yangpu District, Shanghai, China 

    About us

    The company insists on independent innovation, and has obtained a number of scientific research achievements and invention patents in the fields of rubber chemicals and ultrafine materials.

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