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    Established in 1998, Chemson Industrial (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. mainly focuses on producing:Rubber Chemicals, Nano-Alumina Powder, Alumina Pelleting, Aluminium Isopropoxide & Aluminium sec-Butoxide, etc.


    The company adheres to the principle of independent innovation first and cooperating with research institutes. 



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     Silicon carbide seal
    Silicon carbide materials have high hardness, high wear resistance and chemical resistance. It has good thermal conductivity and stable performance at high temperature. It is a high-temperature structural material.
     α-Al?O? High-purity Ultrafine Powder
    Alumina is white powder, main component of bauxite, and has different crystals. Stable crystals are α-Al2O3?and γ-Al2O3. α-Al2O3?is hexagonal crystal, insoluble in water
     Accelerator TETD
    Rubber accelerator TETD is odorless, insoluble water, dilute acid and alkali, and slightly soluble in acetone, benzene, methyl benzene, carbon disulfide and chloroform. Its density is 1.17~1.30/cm3. It leads to stimulation to the skin and mucosa.
     Antiager DNP
    DNP is one of important and low-toxicity antioxidants used in rubber or plastics processing. It is heat-resistant and ageing-resistant, and also resists harmful metal, such as, Copper and Manganese.
     Accelerator DOTG-70
    DOTG-70 results in quite slow set-up of curing and slow curing rate. It also causes serious vulcanization reversion when used alone. DOTG-70 will obtain synergistic
     Cross-link Agent TCY-70
    TCY-70 is used in CO, ECO, ACM, CIIR and BIIR products and NBR/PVC blends.
     Accelerator ETU(NA-22)-80
    ETU(NA-22) powder adheres to devices easily, disperses difficultly in mixing process. However, ETU(NA-22)-80has good dosing and mixing property, and won’t cake at ordinary temperature and humidity. It has good fluidity Molecular Formula?C3H6N2S Molecular Weight?102.17 Cas No.??96-45-7 Chemical Name?N,N'-ethylene thiourea? Einecs No.?202-506-9 ? Typical Properties ? Accelerator N,N'-ethylene thiourea(ETU(NA-22)) Percent Active 80% Binder EPDM/EVA Appearance white to cream granule Density ~1.27g/cm3 (20℃) ? Product Description?ETU(NA-22)-80 imparts fast curing rate and safe scorch to CR. It is used as activator or assistant accelerator for other diene rubber with low or non sulfur. ETU(NA-22)-80 won’t bloom and can improve heat-resistance and mechanical properties of vulcanizate. ? Processing Characteristics?Generally, ETU(NA-22) powder adheres to devices easily, disperses difficultly in mixing process. However, ETU(NA-22)-80has good dosing and mixing property, and won’t cake at ordinary temperature and humidity. It has good fluidity, no irritating dust and no material loss. It keeps optimal activity of ETU(NA-22) and easily disperses in kinds of rubber compounds. Recommend that ETU(NA-22)-80 is added at last stage of mixing. ? Dosage?In general, 0.1 ~ 2.0 phr. ? Applications?ETU(NA-22)-80 is a universal accelerator for CR, CSM and CPE products. ? Packaging?Coextruded paper bags lined with plastic film, net weight 25Kg/bag. ? Storage?Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from sunlightfor up to 1 year. ? Safety and toxicity?Refer to related MSDS.
     Foaming Agent OBSH-75
    OBSH-75 starts to foam at 150℃and releases N2. Appropriate foaming activator can decrease the start of foaming temperature. Reasonable match of foaming rate and curing rate can increase foaming performance.
     Antiager NDBC(NBC)
    NDBC(NBC) is soluble in chloroform, benzene and carbon disulfide, slightly soluble in acetone, but insoluble in water. Its density is 1.26g/cm3, melting point above 86℃, flash point 263℃. It has good storage ability. It is non-toxic, results in skin irritation, and harm body by absorbing vapour or dust of NBC.
     Accelerator ZDEC(ZDC、EZ)
    ZDEC(ZDC、EZ) is used as a fast-speed curing accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber, especially BR, EPDM and latex. It is good active agent for thiazoles or sulfonamide. I
     Accelerator TMTM(TS)-80
     Accelerator SDBC(TP)
     Reinforcing CH-STA
    CH-STA can improve processing property, and generally added with other auxiliaries. HMT is added with vulcanizator together in the end of processing. It is widely used in NR etc. general rubber to increase hardness,
     Zirconia ceramic sieve
    Zirconia ceramics take ZrO2 as the main component. According to the added stabilizers, there are mainly yttrium stabilized zirconia, magnesium stabilized zirconia and cerium stabilized zirconia.
     Aluminium sec-Butoxide
    Aluminium sec-Butoxideused as active catalyst and carrier, inorganic membrane, reducing agent of aldehyde-ketone, oxidant of aldehyde-ketone,
     Stearic acid
    Stearic acid plays an important role in the synthesis and processing of rubber. Stearic acid is a vulcanization active agent widely used in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, and can also be used as a plasticizer and softener.
     Vulcanizator CH-WE
    CH-WE octyl phenilic resin is thermal-reactive, and has active methylol group. It is applicable for IIR, EPDM, NBR, CR and NR, and soluble in aromatic solvent.
     Al?O? precision alumina ceramic substrate
    Alumina ceramic substrate has good insulation, heat insulation and wear resistance. Because of its relatively low price and balanced comprehensive performance, it is one of the most widely used ceramic materials.
     99.99γ-Al?O? High-purity Ultrafine Powder
    99.99γ-Al2O3?is odorless, tasteless and white powder. It is unstable crystal, and turns into θ-Al2O3?when the temperature is 1000℃ and stable α-Al2O3?when 1180℃. It is transparent or semitransparent, and its primary diameter is 6~10nm. The specific surface area is large (BET, 100~400m2/g) and surface chemistry is highly active.
     Eco-friendly Accelerator TBzTD
    TBzTD is a fast primary or secondary accelerator for NR, SBR or NBR, and a retarder when used with ETU in modifying NR. Compared with TMTD, TBzTD has safe processing and long scorch time.
     AIP Aluminum iso-Propoxide
    AIP is white small lump or powder, semi- transparent, and soluble in alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, benzene, toluene, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride. Its density is 1.035g/cm3. Tends to absorb moisture and reacts with water into aluminium hydroxide and isopropanol.
     Tackifying CH-ED for EPDM
    CH-ED is thermoplastic phenolic resin with special components, can blends with kinds of synthetic rubber as a tackifier. It is a dedicated tackifer for EPDM.
     Al?O? Precision alumina ceramic grading wheel
    Al?O?Alumina ceramics have good insulation, thermal insulation and wear resistance. Because of their relatively low price and balanced performance, it is one of the most
     Cross-linking Agent TAIC-98%
    TAICis widely used as cross-linking agent or co-curing agent for thermal plastics, ion-exchange resin, rubber and cable, and as intermediate for photocurable coating and fire retardant. Generally, the dosage is 2.5~3.3.
     Accelerator TDEC-75
    Pre-dispersed accelerator TDEC-75 combined with thiazoles, thurams and dithiocarbamates can fast cure EPDM and IIR. A little TDEC-70 can cut down curing time.
     Accelerator DPG-80
    DPG-80 is used for all kinds of industrial products, especially rubber ones containing white fillers.
     Antiager 4010NA(IPPD)
    Antiager 4010NA(IPPD)Mainlyused for natural and synthetic rubber. It has good dispersion and doesn’t affect rubber curing.
     Accelerator ZDMC(PZ)-80
    ZDMC(PZ) powder has high melting point and large particle diameter, then it is so difficult to soften and disperse at processing temperature that vulcanization activity and mechanical properties of vulcanizate lower.
     Alpha ultrafine alumina
    Alumina is white powder, main component of bauxite, and has different crystals. Stable crystals are α-Al2O3?and γ-Al2O3. α-Al2O3?is hexagonal crystal,

    Business area

    Rubber Chemicals

    Rubber Chemicals

    Used as a medium-speed accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and also as an activator for thiazole, thiuram and sulfenamide accelerators.

    High-purity Ultrafine Alumina

    High-purity Ultrafine Alumina

    Used in fillers, catalyst carriers, desiccants, adsorbents, purifiers, coating films on the inner wall of tubes, artificial gems, inorganic films, etc.

    Precision ceramic structural parts

    Precision ceramic structural parts

    Used in pan-semiconductor equipment (LCDHE LED and other manufacturing equipment) spare parts, insulating parts, wear-resistant parts, general machinery, hydraulic parts, heat insulation materials, etc.

    Masterbatch Dispersion

    Masterbatch Dispersion

    Applications are divided into antibiotic intermediates, antipyretic and analgesic intermediates, cardiovascular system pharmaceutical intermediates, and anti-cancer pharmaceutical intermediates.


    12 2020-08

    Member Qiao Xu: Eliminate the "one cut" plight of the pharmaceutical intermediate industry

    "I suggest that the state give policy guidance and support to the pharmaceutical and other intermediate industries, build a high-end pharmaceutical industry chain, and improve the source of the green and intrinsically
    12 2020-08

    Rising LED penetration rate drives high-purity alumina mid-end market

    The recovery of the LED industry promotes the rapid growth of downstream demand. With the recovery of the LED industry, the demand for sapphire substrates has also grown steadily, and the demand for high-purity alumina is expected to grow in the
    12 2020-08

    The 20th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition

    China International Rubber Technology Exhibition, which started in 1998, has experienced many years of exhibition history, and has now become a platform for companies in the industry to conduct brand promotion and trade promotion,





    Rm. 504, No.1398, PingLiang Rd.,Yangpu District, Shanghai, China 

    About us

    The company insists on independent innovation, and has obtained a number of scientific research achievements and invention patents in the fields of rubber chemicals and ultrafine materials.


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